“The Visual Archive” brings datasets to life

In many institutions, valuable information or cultural assets are hidden in databases. “The Visual Archive” reveals this information in a meaningful way and makes it easy to discover profound hidden knowledge.

“Forgotten Heritage” is the recent implementation of this technology, a joint project of several art archives supported by Creative Europe. About 8,000 entries were brought together and made tangible in their context. Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of avant-garde artists from Poland, Estonia, Croatia, France and Belgium, who were active in the second half of the 20th century. The sophisticated design opens up a fascinating network of works, artists and places of action.

The software, which was originally optimized for a touchscreen table has been completely re-developed from scratch to include direct web usage on any PC or mobile device. And the range of functionality will continue to grow.

  • Interactive presentation of comprehensive archives, making them intuitively accessible and useful
  • Representation of relations in different contexts: time and location data (for example, of art objects, clients and institutions) are illustrated comprehensibly
  • Elegant responsive user interface enables usage on a wide range of devices from desktop computers to smartphones, tablets and large touch screens